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HIGHLY RELIABLE CASINO SITES Surely you already know a lot about online casino sites, online casino gambling is a city that has a variety of games that bring benefits and are favored by the players. Below I present the games in the casino that have fans around the world:

Baccarat (Baccarat)

As I explained earlier, baccarat has many lovers because in this game it is very easy to play and of course profitable for the players who of course have a pretty good experience playing this game. The game is the same as blackjack by stacking cards, but the difference is that this game prefers which bet is higher.


Craps is a game that is unique and different from other games in the casino. This game is played by playing with dice which is how to play it by rolling the dice to determine one number and bets are placed on the assumption that the game can repeat that number before the number 7 is obtained from the dice roll. This dice game has existed since 200 years ago which is played by people of all ages and different social classes from various countries in the world.


Of course, you are already familiar with this one game because in playing the players compete against the dealer. Each player plays for themselves even if the players are at the same table. This game aims to score more values ​​than the dealer without destroying the value of your card which has a total of 22 or even more. At first the dealer deals you two cards. There are two basic choices, two basic choices when it’s your turn to play, i.e. you can ask for another card. But keep in mind that your card must not exceed 21 or you are caught and you will automatically lose your hand. In addition, you can also choose to stand, which means you have the right to refuse to receive another card. In the end, both the player and the dealer show their cards which are closer to 21 which wins the game.

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